Every once in a while I get some nice feedback. I wont pretend that I don’t like it, we all have the same dopamine feedback loops. So please permit me to share them here.  And as always, thank you for reading.

‘Very much enjoyed this piece of writing, evokes thoughts of what a extra-terrestrial geologist would make of us in times to come..’ – Julia, on ‘Don’t Despair For The World..’

You have explained, beautifully, a simple and effective method to encourage critical thinking. I will share this on my social media and hope that someone reads it, and passes it on too. – Shoedoodles, on ‘The Big 5 Questions that could re-invent Democracy. ”

‘Really enjoyed this. Reminded me of Hitchhikers Guide in places. – Rachel, on Matchstick. A Short Story’

‘I loved this. It is so well written and thoughtful. Well done you!’ – My Mum, on Matchstick. A Short Story’

‘A yellow cap with ‘Disney’ written on it – absolutely love this line. Settling you into a very unsettling reality. The questions made took me out of the story a bit because they questioned the reality of it but I loved the premise of being in a really uncomfortable (for me, a nightmare!) place and finding something nightmarish that you can’t investigate for fear of being found. LOVE!’ – BabyScratchings, on Do  you Fear The Dark..

‘A succinct and evocative piece of writing. I like the choice of quotes and they seem to be woven seamlessly into your thoughts. A thought provoking start to my day – thank you.’ Will Burson, on ‘Don’t Despair The World..

Love this blog, always interesting and learn something new.
Well done George, keep up the good work’ Rachel, For ‘Pulsars..‘ by George Aitch