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Want To Wake Up Energised? Learn Now How Defining And Pursuing Your Vision Can Make All The Difference.

We know it’s hard. The alarm goes off, and you roll out of bed. Dreary eyed, you reach for coffee. It’s normal. But it may not be what you really want. But the worlds heroes are different for one reason. And with that secret, you will look forward to waking up and hitting the day running. What are you waiting for?


Forget Coffee, There is Something Much Stronger.

The secret is simple. Vision, Imagination and Perseverance.

Define Your Vision

‘I want to affect people like a clap of thunder, to inflame their minds with the breadth of my vision, the strength of my conviction and the power of my expression.’ – Rosa Luxemburg, Theorist and Activist.

The first question you can ask yourself is ‘Who do I want to help?’ or failing that, ‘What do I want to change?’ What can you ‘do’ to make the world a better place? It may not be big, your audience could be just one person. That’s enough. But like Elon Musk, it might be the world itself. No Vision is too small or too large. It’s what you wish to do that improves the world that makes all the difference.


Helping Others Can Be A Calling.

For example. You may want to make life better for your family, find a higher paying job or try a new career. You may want to solve climate change. As great or small as your Vision is, define it first.  Now own it, breathe it and live it.

Imagine Your Journey

‘The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot’ – Macklemore, 10,000 Hours, The Heist.

The first steps are always the hardest. But you have to know where you are going so you that you can point your feet. Try it now, imagine what it would be like to achieve your vision. What do you see? What does it feel like? What would every step along the way bring? Live your future right here and right now. Learn what you are willing to do to achieve it. What are you willing to sacrifice?


Imagine You Are Already There.

And most importantly, who will you be when its all done? Imagination is inspiration.

Persevere and Succeed

‘Accept hardship as a necessary discipline’ – Lailah Gifty Akita, Founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation.

There is no doubt about it, Visions can be hard to achieve. There is no easy road, but that’s okay, each moment you fall is another you rise. There will be setbacks, lots of them. Probably more than leaps forward at times. But no worthwhile journey is ever simple, and its the challenge that makes you. It is the difficulty that sharpens your nerve, builds your resolve and error that shows the way forward.


Be Wiling To Go Beyond.

Be ready to attack, put in those hours, give it 100% and then some. Don’t wait, create, work, do, research, write, run, whatever it is. Every second spent pushing is one closer to that Vision. That picture in your mind is only a matter of time and effort.

So what are you waiting for?

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