Mission Statement

The greatest steps one will ever take are those left in the ground alongside those of others

The world can seem a hostile, formidable and unforgiving place (but don’t abandon hope just yet!) It can be hard to see a positive future, and that’s okay. We are all just apes in suits anyway (and right now, jeans in my case.) We aren’t omnipotent or all knowing, we make far more mistakes than we might like, and we have a tendency to destroy very quickly what we labour for years to build.

That’s just being human.

But there is a solution, and its one staring us in the face. Since the great agricultural revolution, our forebears developed the unique and incredible talent of time travel (in a sense.) The development of complex language, to convey time (before, now, later, tomorrow,)  space (here, there, nowhere, everywhere,) action (do, plant, reap, water) and consider  (think, talk, speak,) means that we have created stories and plans that live beyond our meagre years.

Information, and with it the gradual tendency toward knowledge, is our greatest asset. It allowed us to live in societies, grow crops, predict weather (a bit,) create medicines, cars, computers and religion. On the other hand it has led to war, death, cults and pseudoscience. But lets deal in ‘Good Knowledge’, that which bolsters humanity, helps it to grow in a way that helps us all.

This website, as meek as it is, is an attempt to do just that. Through short articles, stories, poems and sometimes polemic warbling, educate and inspire. To use knowledge in a good way. Eventually, to create a portal for discussion, a tiny cyber Alexandria, for all of us to come together and discuss the very fabric of our understandings.