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In Reality Just A Dream? (You Will Need A Cup Of Coffee For This One!)

"You can't leave the park if you stay on the rides boy. Stop being a tourist and take a look behind the curtain." The idea that everything we know 'is a lie' and we have been dreaming all of this time pervades culture en masse; From Plato to the Wachowskis, the possibility that we are… Continue reading In Reality Just A Dream? (You Will Need A Cup Of Coffee For This One!)

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Why Do Things Scare Us? What Makes Your Heart Beat? Inside; Fear Explained.

Something had come from the darkness. Something unfamiliar, maybe dangerous. Wait no, certainly dangerous. Something inside me saw teeth, claws, my imminent evisceration at the whim of something ancient and devilish. Why did I think this, and why was my heart beating so fast?

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Fed Up Of Feeling Sad? Learn The Trick To True Happiness. Stop Waiting, Start Doing.

What you are is not a job. It is not a document, or a bank account. It is not soul, your diet or your friends. These are just measurements we give ourselves to place a value on our existence. But we exist in mind, and indeed purpose, regardless of these things. To live in the knowledge that you are following your purpose, that honest dreams, stripped of all accolade, is the true process of self actualisation. It does not require applause or award, the pleasure is in the doing.

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Why Do We Worry So Much? Turns Out, Its Nature Falling Behind. Inside; The Science Of Anxiety.

This may seem silly to some, but I have had panic attacks after tweeting.