Critical Thinking for Young Adults And Children

Help young people spot the lies.


10 Common Logical Fallacies And How To Fight Back

We have all been in arguments on social media. And sometimes your opponent may begin to twist your words and place you in seemingly ‘unwinnable’ positions. For example, you may argue that ‘legalising medicinal cannabis is a good idea’, but are then asked to comment on ‘so you think all illegal drugs are fine.’ Obviously,…

Ten Incredible Pearls of Wisdom From Great Minds

The world can be a confusing place, but academics, authors, artists, poets and philosophers are just some of the many who have tried to explain things. In my wanderings through scientific texts, popular non-fiction and and documentaries, there have been a few stand out comments. Whether it be Malcolm Gladwell’s keen insight into human nature,…

How Good Are You At Simple Maths? Maybe Not As Good As You Think.

Mathematics is not always as simple as two and two making four. Some particular problems are so counter-intuitive that they’ll make your head spin. And we aren’t talking about quantum physics or binomial equations, we are talking about simple fractions. Something you would have learned in Primary School. The most famous of these is the…

Voices from the Distant Stars – The Story of a Pulsar

In space no one can hear you scream, or can they? Actually, we hear a lot from space.  We just need the right set of ears. And for a long time we have listened to the stars, and every once in a while, we hear something that might just be something special. A regular pattern…

Can You Really Trust Health Journalism? Think Like A Scientist.

Newspapers often give completely contradictory health advice. It’s difficult enough to keep track of what is supposed to be healthy, without papers changing their minds the whole time. Unless you have training in Science or access to the original source material, you often must take a newspapers interpretation at face value. But this can often…

Should A Chair Fear Your Bottom? Well Actually, Science Says No.

Whilst sitting across from an empty seat, you can quickly begin to wonder who may sit opposite you. With a global population of around 7.6 billion people, it could be just anyone. The chances are that you may not know them or the story of their lives. But more than likely, they have a bum. And for a chair, their entire life is about waiting for the next one. But should a chair worry about being sat on?

Fed Up Of Feeling Sad? Learn The Trick To True Happiness. Stop Waiting, Start Doing.

What you are is not a job. It is not a document, or a bank account. It is not soul, your diet or your friends. These are just measurements we give ourselves to place a value on our existence. But we exist in mind, and indeed purpose, regardless of these things. To live in the knowledge that you are following your purpose, that honest dreams, stripped of all accolade, is the true process of self actualisation. It does not require applause or award, the pleasure is in the doing.