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In Reality Just A Dream? (You Will Need A Cup Of Coffee For This One!)

"You can't leave the park if you stay on the rides boy. Stop being a tourist and take a look behind the curtain." The idea that everything we know 'is a lie' and we have been dreaming all of this time pervades culture en masse; From Plato to the Wachowskis, the possibility that we are… Continue reading In Reality Just A Dream? (You Will Need A Cup Of Coffee For This One!)

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Voices from the Distant Stars – The Story of a Pulsar

In space no one can hear you scream, or can they? Actually, we hear a lot from space.  We just need the right set of ears. And for a long time we have listened to the stars, and every once in a while, we hear something that might just be something special. A regular pattern… Continue reading Voices from the Distant Stars – The Story of a Pulsar

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Is The Cosmos Truly Empty? Are We All There Is? Inside; We Answer Humanity’s Most Uncomfortable Question.

The Universe is much more vast than we can imagine. Expanding for over 13.8 billion years, some of the very light we observe in the night sky is older than earth itself. And with simple life easy to assemble, and the vast numbers of planets out there, we are forced to wonder. Are we alone? And if not, where is everybody? Well the answer is fascinating, and in some cases, quite terrifying indeed.

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Ever Wondered Who You Are? Stop Waiting And Find Out.

You are a biomass of self-believing consciousness, built from familiar atoms under restrictive universal laws, tuned by selective environmental pressures, and just a small part of something much beyond your comprehension. And that, for me at least, is pretty freeing.

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What Stephen Hawking Can Teach Us. Lessons From A Great Man.

In his very equations are his legacy, the deepest paint on the extraordinary canvas that was a challenging and incredible story. Stephen showed us that the Universe is ours for the taking, and that you can do it from a wheelchair. He showed us that passion and spirit can conquer the greatest odds, and that generosity and determination can build great things.

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Why Does The Colour Red Mean The End Of The World? How One Colour Gave Life, And How It Spells Our End.

Why do we like Red? The answers lies with the apes, and takes us to the end of the universe.

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Are You Eating? Good! But Did You Know You Are Violating Cosmic Law?

First there was the Big Bang. Then, a few years later, there is the Big Mac. The future of our Universe is much like that of a Big Mac; to eventually decompose to nothingness. But you, at least for a while, can prevent that using the very energy a Big Mac delivers. How? Well within… Continue reading Are You Eating? Good! But Did You Know You Are Violating Cosmic Law?

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Feeling Despair At The World? Don’t Worry, We Have You Covered.

The world of tomorrow is unwritten. Whether it be scorched in Nuclear Fire, or elucidated by the dance of particles beneath Switzerland, the empty pages are ours to write.

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Do You Want To Understand The Universe? It Can Be As Simple As This. Inside; Become An Internet Explorer

We tell stories of the universe, but the universe has infinitely more to tell us.