New Beginnings

Today is the first day of a new and slightly terrifying project. I have plans, however optimistic/mad, to write a book. I plan to write about how our mind came to be, and how that journey, with all its twists and turns, shortcuts and convolutions, resulted in how we perceive and understand this funny world we live in.

The brain is a fascinating and infinitely complex hodgepodge of evolutionary hangovers and chance mutations. Its hardware is in someways like no other, and in other ways part of all. It has, like all biological organs, developed with a purpose (which it in some way fills) alongside a number of other systems that it works with and sometimes against.

Its basic matter is comprised of cells of varying types, a diverse population working akin to a delicate ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, it is organised in such a way that minute changes can topple a complex and often only partially understood network. The cells themselves are soft, flimsy things held with the rigid cage of the skull. Beneath its thinking grey cortical matter, the brain develops long octopus like tendrils that communicate a giant web of knowledge, inputs and outputs.

This complex web extends to the body and through a variety of chemical, electric and physical mechanisms allows us to perceive, understand and manipulate the world around us. We are not special in this skill, it is one developed of most organisms in present history and in progressive forms over our evolutionary lineage

Although capable of wonderful things, like art, music and science, it is also capable of hate, distrust, fear and lunacy. All of these phenomena are either functions or dysfunctions of our neurological and psychological circuity, which in turn answer to their formation over eons.

I hope that by writing this blog, alongside my own research and reading, I will be able to better understand and explain how the brain developed (to a reasonable level of scientific accuracy) and use these lessons to paint a picture of why and who we are. I also hope to tackle how the evolution of the brain may explain our limitations as well as our strengths, and how this knowledge can help us make a better future.

I will happily accept criticism and feedback as we go along, and will always have an open mind for contribution.





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