Hello there.

Hello there.

I am new to the world of blogging, but thankfully not to the world of writing. Having now spent time writing for external sources, I have chosen to utilise this more personal medium to communicate my interests to a wider audience.

I plan to syndicate my online works on the page, and will give reference credit where is due. I thank all of those who have taken the time to entertain my articles and in some cases publish them online.  This includes Kishan Rees of Watmed media, Stella Bolam of patient.co.uk, Anna Rhodes of the Indepedent and Catherine Harvey-Jenner of Cosmopolitan. I hope to continue to work with all of you in future in entertaining and informing your audiences.

I will also be using this page as a diary for my other projects. As a training doctor most of my time is spent looking after patients, a tough but rewarding job.  I am offered endless opportunities to learn from hardworking and experienced colleagues, and have developed what I hope is a self critical and reflective approach to my practice.  I  hope to transfer these skills to my writing, but I will let you be the judge.

This page will mainly focus on the two main academic interests in my life, neuroscience and evolutionary biology. The two interests are in some very real way interlinked, as our neurological development (as of those seen in animals at large) are the result of selective evolutionary pressures designed to promote survival. To fully understand the brain (which may be impossible) we must have a great understanding of our evolutionary journey (which may be improbable.)

Anyway, enough self-indulgent natter. I will be posting links to these blogs on my facebook and twitter pages and hope you find the time spend reading to your benefit.





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